Stainless Steel Reverse Dutch Weave Wire Mesh

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Stainless Steel Reverse Dutch Weave Wire Mesh

Aug 20, 2020

Stainless steel reverses dutch weave wire mesh which is chemical resistance, alkali and acid resistance, rust and corrosion resistance. It will make sure the durable filtering performance throughout the usage. The reverse dutch weave can also be used in brass wire, which also has chemical stability for filtering. Stainless steel reverses dutch weave wire mesh can be divided into reverse plain dutch weave wire mesh and twilled reverse dutch weave wire mesh .

Reverse Plain Dutch weave wire mesh is woven using two sizes of wire. Smaller wires are utilized in the warp direction and are woven with a bigger shute wire. The smaller wires are woven tightly along, providing a good mesh for filtering. The larger wire provides strength to the mesh. the first uses of this wire cloth are filtration and separation of liquid and slurry product.

Twilled Reverse Dutch weave wire mesh combines Dutch and twill weaving to supply a fine mesh filtering cloth. The weaving method permits for the use of terribly fine wires, manufacturing filtering mesh for gas and liquid applications. we additionally offer herringbone and Broken Pattern Reverse Twill Dutch Weave product.

Stainless steel reverses dutch weave wire mesh is a terribly robust woven product. This mesh is good for creating filter belts, and applications wherever fine filtration and nice strength are required.


Materials: stainless-steel wire-SUS304,SUS304L,SUS316,SUS316L.
Features: Fine filtration, extremely sturdy.
Applications: Stainless steel reverses dutch weave wire mesh used in the industry, plastic product, scientific research, chemical fiber, conveyance region,petroleum, machinery and other industries.
Specifications: Special sizes is custom made.

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