How to buy a quality fencing mesh

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How to buy a quality fencing mesh

Jun 08, 2018
How to buy a quality fencing meshHow to buy a quality fencing mesh

Selecting high-quality fencing mesh products is a problem faced by many users. We know that the selection of materials is very important for high-quality fencing mesh, and the quality of materials and the years of service are directly affected by the deterioration of materials.

First, we first look at the mesh. Usually, the mesh is welded with different specifications of wire. The diameter and strength of the wire directly affect the quality. The selection of wire is to choose a regular manufacturer. Out of the wire, followed by the proficiency of the welding process, some large manufacturers are using automatic welding machine to weld, and the small field is to use manual welding, usually the quality is difficult to guarantee.

The second is the choice of the framework of the fencing mesh. Some formal large-scale factories use angle steel and round steel, but different parts and materials used should be different.

Third, the overall spray process of the guardrail is generally understood, should pay attention to the average level of spray, there is also the quality of the paint is also very important.

The above three points are the basic conditions for buy fencing mesh. Generally, it is crucial to choose a correct manufacturer.

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