Factors affecting the quality of welded wire mesh

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Factors affecting the quality of welded wire mesh

Aug 05, 2020

Factors affecting the quality of welded construction mesh

Welded construction mesh is a mesh made by welding or braiding low-carbon iron wire. The surface treatment methods of welded construction mesh are mainly galvanized, plastic-impregnated and plastic coated. Welded construction mesh is low The carbon wire is directly welded, and the surface has not undergone any treatment. Compared with the surface-welded electric welding construction mesh, the price is slightly lower.


Welded construction meshes are reprocessed by electro-galvanizing or hot-dip galvanizing, or electro-galvanized wires or hot-dip galvanized wires are directly welded. Such meshes have strong anti-corrosion properties and relatively high prices. They are suitable for chemical, petroleum, etc. Where the anticorrosion requirements are high; the two treatment methods of electric welding construction mesh dip and plastic coating are dip or plastic coating on the basis of black sheet welding, with bright colors, smooth mesh surface, strong anticorrosion, suitable for Gardens, communities and other places that need to be greened.

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