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Filter Disc Quick Details:

  • Application of occasions: Filter, filter press, ship, diesel engine oil system applicable to various types of thin oil lubrication device filtering
  • Diameter :15-200mm
  • Flow :2-320L / min
  • Maximum  temperature:95℃
  • Maximum  pressure: 0.8 Mpa
  • Performance features: Made of wire mesh filter; Has a high strength, the ability to pass oil; Can be reused; Reliable filter for easy cleaning and features
  • Delivery Time:according to specification and stock
Properties Detail

Filter DiscFilter DiscFilter Disc

Filter Disc is also called laminated filter filter, binoculars filters, disc filters, oil filters, the chemical fiber assembly, filter, etc., are combined and after the package edge processing is made by different mesh metal net and a support net. Applicable to various types of filter press oil filter, filter for marine diesel engine oil system and other equipment, as well as synthetic fibers and man-made fiber textile chemical fiber industry with the front side of the various models of spinning nozzle and other similar conditions, textile dope impurities filtered.

Filter Disc Specifications:

Material stainless steel mesh,steel mesh,copper mesh,black wire cloth,aluminum sheet,nickel,titanium,rubber etd.
Mesh Count 2-3200mesh
Wire Diameter 0.018-2.5mm
Disc Size 10mm-300mm
Shapes Round shape,rectangular shape ,toroidal shape,square shape,oval shape,other special shape.
Layer Single layer,multi-layers
Produss Technique spot welded,eged covering and sintered
characteristics The benefits of filter disc is high quality and filteration capacity,precise fitting filter elements,optimum cost-performance ratio,constant quality control during production etc. It is widely used in melt filteration.