Fine Stainless Steel Mesh

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Fine Stainless Steel Mesh

Aug 21, 2020

Our Fine Stainless Steel Mesh can be customized and converted to fit any manufacturer's filter press, regardless of size or shape. We ensure that all filter cloths used in filter press systems are carefully selected and optimized.


Fine Stainless Steel Mesh is a stainless steel woven mesh used to filter liquids, gases and pulp.


Weaving: plain weave, Dutch plain weave, twill weave Dutch twill weave.




Features of Fine Stainless Steel Mesh:

  • Corrosion resistance.

  • Acid and alkali resistance.

  • High temperature resistance.

  • Good filtration performance.

  • Longevity use


Application of Fine Stainless Steel Mesh:

  • Screen and filter under acid and alkaline conditions.

  • The oil industry is a mud net.

  • The chemical fiber industry acts as a screen.

  • Use industry as an acid cleaning net

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