Manure Dewatering Machine

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Manure Dewatering Machine Quick Details:

  • Usage: separate the solid and liquid organic fertilizer.
  • Rotary speed: 45r/min
  • Lifespan: More than 10 years.
  • Power: 4kw.
  • Pump Power:3kw.
  • Voltage: 380V.
  • Capacity: 5-7m2/h.
  • Delivery time:Within 15 days.
Properties Detail

Manure Dewatering MachineManure Dewatering MachineManure Dewatering Machine

How is Manure Dewatering Machine working? The Pump will pump the manure into Manure Press, and through the extrusion screw placed in sieve pressed slurry orward with 46 RPM speed, in which the dry material are separated through the compression with solid material cylinder formed in the machine orifices; great power fecal water filter off through the filter screen flow into adjustment pool.The final product can be used as fertizer directly. ​

Manure Dewatering Machine Specifications:

Model B-M-1 B-M-2 B-M-3
Motor 5.5kw 7.5kw 7.5kw
Output 5-6m3/h 8-10m3/h 15-25m3/h
WaterConsume whenCleaning 0.1m3 0.1m3 0.1m3
Size (L*W*H) 1.8×1.5×0.8m 1.8×1.63×0.8m 1.8×1.7×0.8m
Weight 600kg 650kg 700kg
Cleaning frequency Each 20-30days