Defensive Barrier

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Defensive Barrier Quick Details:

  • Usage:military protection
  • Material: Low Carbon Steel Wire, Low carbon steel wire
  • Surface treatment:hot dip galvanized, galfan
  • MOQ: 10sets
  •  color:white,earth yellow,dusty grey
  • Type:Welded Mesh
  • Size: 2.21m x2.13m, 1.37m x1.06m, 0.61m x0.61m, also can be customized.
  • Packing: wrapped with shrink film,then packed in pallet
  • Delivery Time:15 Days after the advanced payment
Properties Detail

Defensive BarrierDefensive BarrierDefensive Barrier

Defensive Barrier also named HESCO. HESCO develops barriers and fences, which can be used effectively army in military operations, as well as in times of peace-to protect people, property, infrastructure and the environment from the wide range of natural and man-made threats.  And HESCO containers made of galvanized welded wire mesh, hidden in a solid polypropylene waterproof fabric. The containers can be filled with soil, sand, cement or stone.

Defensive Barrier Specification

Mesh wire diameter 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm etc
Spring wire diameter 3mm,4mm,5mm,6mm etc
Mesh size 50*50mm,50*100mm,37.5*100mm,60*60mm,65*65mm,70*70mm,76*76mm, 80*80mm or as your request.  
Panel Size 0.61*0.61m,1*1m,1.2*1.2m,1.5*1.5m,1.5*2m,2*2m, 2.21*2.13m or as your request.
Finish Electro galvanized after welded Hot dipped galvanized welded Galfan coated after welded
Geotextile Heavy duty non-woven polypropylene
Packing Wrapped with shrink film or packed in pallet