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Stainless steel filters

Aug 24, 2020
Stainless steel filters are suitable for a wide range of applications and industries for liquids and gases.

All stainless steel filters are made of 316L stainless steel. They are available in a common cylindrical and pleated configuration with the latest high specification media. The plain cylindrical design provides a simple filter media sleeve supported by a central core. The pleated design uses pleated media and is again supported by the central support core, this time providing more than twice the effective filtration area of the cylindrical filter element.

This construction ensures the integrity of the cartridge, eliminating the risk of bypassing and the presence of extractables from any binder.

Unique building of Stainless steel filters:
Modular components up to 745 mm (30 in) 316L stainless steel TiG for ultra-clean assembly
    SS grade - Nominal rated precision woven mesh, available in 5 - 840μm
    SF grade - Absolutely rated sintered metal fiber, available in 3 - 60μm
    Optional backwash cage for enhanced mechanical strength
    SP grade - sintered powder medium, available in 6-60μm

Product Features of Stainless steel filters:
    SupaMesh cartridges are available in many standard industrial end cap configurations and sealing materials.
    They are available with an optional external guard for reverse flow or backwash to enhance their superior rugged design.
    The structural method and materials used allow for use at pressure differentials of up to 25 bar from -150oC to +300oC and normal flow directions.

Features and benefits of Stainless steel filters:
    Full 316L stainless steel construction with extensive chemical resistance
    Separately marked with the complete product code
    Selection of selected braided wire, sintered powder media and sintered metal fiber media
    Wide range of ratings from 3μm to 840μm
    TiG welded construction for all grades
    Complete material traceability
    Suitable for -150oC to 300oC
    No adhesive or adhesive

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