Stainless Steel Filter Wholesale


Stainless Steel Filter Wholesale

Sep 24, 2019

Do you want to know where to offer stainless steel filter wholesale service in China? If you want, you can pay more attention to Macrokun.

stainless steel filter wholesale

Stainless Steel Filter Product Description:

1. Stainless Steel Filter Wire Meshore is a method for the structural elements of the metal mesh screening filter.

2. Stainless Steel Filter Wire Mesh Material: stainless steel wire.

3. Stainless Steel Filter Wire Mesh The the mine screen screen industry, new product development, which is characterized by easy leakage, wear and corrosion resistance. Strong acid, alkali, high temperature resistance, tensile and abrasion resistance.

4. Stainless Steel Filter Wire Mesh Uses: Widely used in mining, coal, petroleum, fertilizer, grain, salt, and environmental protection industries. Screening liquids, powders and other materials. Petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, mining, pharmaceutical purification, drilling fluid purification.

If you need our stainless steel filter, please contact us. We are always looking forward to working with you!

Stainless Steel Filter Wholesale

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