What should be paid attention to during the purchase process of welded wire mesh

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What should be paid attention to during the purchase process of welded wire mesh

Aug 07, 2018

What should be paid attention to during the purchase process of welded wire mesh

Welded wire mesh is generally used in the construction field as a building material for construction. For example, the quality of galvanized welded wire mesh is very strictly controlled. Nowadays, with the increasing number of welded wire mesh enterprises, galvanized welded wire mesh products are more and more compliant with the requirements of the construction market, and the quality of natural products is more. It may be uneven. In some applications of welded wire mesh construction mesh, there may be a phenomenon of open welding. In fact, the phenomenon of open welding of welded wire mesh occurs frequently. The reason is that the warp and weft wire has problems during welding. It may be caused by dirt on the wire, or it may be that the warp and weft wire is not accurate enough in terms of time and welding pressure during the welding process. This technology requires the welding net worker to master after a long period of exploration and practice. . So what kind of galvanized welded wire mesh </a> for customers can be of good quality? Therefore, we would like to remind the vast number of customers and friends to buy a good quality galvanized welded wire mesh.

Customers in the purchase of welded wire mesh is generally a problem, the manufacturer must have a sufficient number of meters, the wire diameter is thick enough, the weight should reach the standard, and the mesh should meet the specifications and so on. Of course, these problems naturally require the manufacturer to meet the standard. If even the most basic requirements are not hit, then there are many reputable manufacturers, and such manufacturers will not stay with customers. Whether the customer understands the welding wire mesh industry, the manufacturer will know the contents of the customer's speech. If the customer speaks, let the manufacturer know that it is not a professional customer of the welding wire mesh. The price given by the manufacturer will not be Really, if the customer says in the process of communication with the manufacturer that it is in the center of the welded wire mesh industry, the manufacturer knows that it is a professional person, and naturally will minimize the price of the welded wire mesh. . So how do you communicate with the manufacturer? This is also a communication skill.

First, the communication process should be simple and neat. The customer should think about how to communicate before describing the specifications with the manufacturer, so that the manufacturer can know that the customer is an expert and is a professional who often contacts the welding wire mesh industry.

Second, we must focus on the communication process. After the customer negotiates with the manufacturer about the specifications of the welded wire mesh product, it is necessary to smash the zinc layer of the welded wire mesh or some common loopholes in the welded wire mesh body to ensure the integrity of the welded wire mesh.

Macrokun Welded Wire Mesh has more than ten years of experience in the production of welded wire mesh. It absolutely guarantees the quality, specifications, wire diameter and meter number of the welded wire mesh. It will never be a short-cut business, and the price is reasonable. We hope that new and old customers will come. order.

In the mesh to buy the corresponding products, we first need to determine whether it is cooperation with large manufacturers, in the process of cooperation can be completely new in quality manufacturers, in fact, we need to understand their own in the process of buying the stone cage network Applicable places, because different sites also have differences in material requirements, so there are also differences in price.

In the process of purchasing the welded wire mesh, we need to determine whether the manufacturer can reduce the transportation cost. Whether there is professional participation in the assembly process, if the manufacturer can give certain guarantees in these two aspects, it will definitely become the object of people's trust. However, after the purchase of the product, there is a guarantee of after-sales quality.

In fact, the purchase of welded wire mesh is nothing more than the hope of building reinforcement, protection engineering, and aquaculture industry. Therefore, in the choice of materials, people need to know the difference between the materials needed in different places. Buying products requires starting with quality problems. Then it is able to extend to the internal effect.

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