Chain link fence mesh introduction and application

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Chain link fence mesh introduction and application

Dec 20, 2018
Chain link fence mesh introduction and application

As the name suggests, the chain link fence is the fence net and the fence mesh made by the chain link mesh for the net surface, also called the chain link net guardrail.

The chain link mesh is made of hooks made of various materials of the chain link mesh machine. It can be divided into two types: the folding side and the twisting side lock.

Chain link fence mesh material: PVC wire, stainless steel wire, high quality low carbon steel wire, galvanized wire, iron wire, etc.

Chain link fence mesh material: high quality low carbon steel wire (wire), stainless steel wire, aluminum alloy wire.

Chain link fence mesh weaving and features: uniform mesh, smooth mesh surface, simple weaving, crocheting, beautiful appearance, high quality mesh, wide web width, thick wire diameter, not easy to corrode, long life, practicality Strong.

Use of chain link fences: widely used in fences and network facilities such as roads, railways and highways. Also used for interior decoration, raising chicken, duck, goose, rabbit and zoo fence.

The protective mesh of mechanical equipment and the conveying net of mechanical equipment. Sports ground fence, road green belt protection mesh.

After the wire mesh is formed into a box-shaped container, the mesh box is filled with a rock or the like to form a galvanized stone cage mesh.

The fence mesh is also used to protect and support seawalls, hillsides, roads and bridges, reservoirs and other civil engineering. It is a good material for flood control and flood resistance. Can also be used for handicraft manufacturing. Warehouses, tool room refrigerated, protective reinforcements, marine fishing fences and construction site fences, rivers, slopes fixed soil (rock), residential safety protection.

Among them, the stadium fence mesh, the stadium fence mesh is the most common, the following Macrokun fence mesh factory for you to introduce the common specifications of the basketball court fence mesh:

1. Plastic coated wire: 3.5-5.0mm;

2. Mesh: 50mmX50mm;

3. Size: 3000mmX4000mm;

4, horizontal column: 48/2mm;

5, column: 60/2.5mm;

This product has been subjected to surface treatment such as dip, galvanizing and spray coating. It has anti-corrosion, anti-aging, anti-sun, weather resistance, bright color, smooth surface, strong tension, not easy to be impacted by external force, on-site construction and installation, and flexibility. (The shape and size can be adjusted at any time according to the requirements of the site). It is the best choice for stadiums, stadiums, volleyball courts, tennis courts and venues that are often subject to external impact.

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Chain link fence mesh

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